Dot and Army

Tartan Cocktail Napkins in Red


We love tartan, especially around the holidays! This set of four beautiful napkins makes a great hostess gift.

We love these paired with a beautiful wood board, cheese knives, and sweet balsam room spray. Or add a Camp Craft Cocktail Kit and fun ice cube tray.

Set of four

100% cotton

Made in Georgia

Gently wash and dry. Fold when warm or hot iron if preferred.

Dot & Army is a small batch manufacturing company based in coastal Georgia that believes little changes do make a difference. Choosing cloth napkins over paper, skipping the plastic bag for a reusable one, and replacing paper towels for unpaper ones.

Jennifer has been sewing since the age of eight and hasn't stopped. Her family has been using only cloth napkins and "un-paper" towels for over eight years. But you still might be asking, who is Dot and Army? Dot and Army are Jennifer's maternal grandparents who constantly set the bar high on kindness, generosity, and service.