Himalayan Rock Salt Set

$5 $30

Although only measuring a modest 3.5” tall, this grater & salt rock pair create an engaging addition to a tablescape and a unique way of adding salt to food. Pass the salt, please!

Includes a Japanese-style grater, a Himalayan salt rock, and a wood stand made from untreated natural oak.

 We love it paired with cocktail napkins and a beautiful board.

Stainless steel

FSC-certified oak

Natural Himalayan salt

Swedish entrepreneur + designer Jens Sandringer came up with the concept while dining at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Beijing, where the master chef grated salt over the dishes using a large grater and big salt rock. RIVSALT is all about design, communication, and experience.

Rivsalt gives back to amazing people who give so much to help so many. Charities they support include the Child Diabetes Fund, Doctors without Borders, and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, SSNC.