Hemlock Goods

Pineapple Headband


Hemlock Goods popular bandana patterns now ready to wear in headband form!

One size fits all

Elastic at the back

100% premium cotton

Designed in the U.S.

Hand screenprinted in India

The possibilities are endless with these hardwearing, artfully designed handkerchiefs. And with a Hemlock bandana in your possession, your possibilities are endless too.

Hemlock Goods founder met her production partner on a trip to India almost five years ago. When she realized they both shared a passion for saving people from poor working conditions, they became fast friends. Each bandana is screen printed by hand and made with 100% cotton. And the designs come straight from Beth's home studio where she crafts each design with paint and paper. 

Hemlock Goods stands up for the unheard voices in their communities and believes that it's in their local community where they can be most impactful. The organizations they support align with the values of promoting leadership, education, conversation, and relationship building.