summer vibes

Darcie recently wrote about this moment and the nostalgia is meaningful. Reading it, you are immediately pulled back in time to those places steeped in memory. And, although D was able to swim inside (read more below), it felt like an ode to summer all the same. 

Not long ago, the home where my grandparents lived for most of my childhood went on the market. Although the house itself has changed in the many years since my grandparents were alive and lived there, the memories came rushing back when I saw the listing. 

It’s still the same Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture that gives it major curb appeal. There’s still an incredible floating staircase in the middle of the house that the 7 of us granddaughters played a silly penny game moving up and down the steps led by Grandpa Jack. And, there’s still an indoor pool—yes, a freaking indoor pool surrounded on all sides by glass walls where we would spend hours upon hours all year long—in OHIO! 

 The one thing that I noticed was missing was the giant bar (at least giant to my childhood self) in the corner of the room with the pool. In the real estate listing, it’s now just an open sitting area. I have no clue what they served at that bar and was more interested in the goldfish crackers and little juice containers that my Grandma always had for us. But, if I had to guess, the bar was stocked with every possible cocktail combination because my grandparents loved to entertain. And, they were really good at it. That feeling of everyone being together under one roof, safe, happy, and enjoying each others company has been something I’ve tried to recreate as an adult. Similarly, my mom loves to entertain as well. Pre-Covid, she would host her Mahjong group every couple of months in her home. The holidays were always especially important to her. There is the food, obviously, but then the table setting and the timing of it all. My mom mastered this trifecta with each holiday and I took notes. 

And now, both my sister and I enjoy entertaining and hosting in our homes as well. My kids would disagree, but I love the whole house clean-up before people are coming over—cue the screams “why do we have to clean up BEFORE people come over???”. I enjoy planning what food will go in what dish and how it will all flow together on the counter or at the table. Mostly, I love thinking through what linens to use and the presentation of it all. And, I don’t even mind the clean-up. With summer right around the corner, I am embracing these childhood memories and I’m ready for poolside margaritas and lots of laughter with our friends and family.