Gifting at its best is personal.
Filled with thought and intention, finding the perfect something is that “YES!” moment in your day.

East Third Collective is here for this moment
+ the many moments we celebrate.

when makers make a world of difference

Just like your trusted friend’s recommendations, our shop provides really great items for many gifting occasions. We like to think outside the standard gift box and offer a selection that is intentional—items that will be used and loved.

We believe gifts that are mindfully chosen
+ meaningfully made make the best gifts.

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From their Hive to your Home


In an effort to help their son Zach with his seasonal allergies, Zach&Zoë discovered the benefits of raw honey and became interested in beekeeping. After months of research and coaxing by their local beekeeping friends, they decided to take the plunge and officially start their journey as beekeepers BUT doing it the right way. No pesticides. No additives. Just PURE, RAW HONEY from bees that they value, nurture, and love. Nothing more.


beautiful, sustainable, + authentic craft


Home & Loft is a women-owned textile brand uniting the unique craftsmanship of Mediterranean artisans with 21st century urban design. It’s passionate about designing ethically made natural fiber textiles that not only appeal to consumers but empower the makers. In a predominantly mass-made market, they believe that small batch goods are a more sustainable option for the welfare of their makers and the environment.  

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From the Guatemalan jungle to your doorstep…


Itza Wood products are hand-crafted from sustainable and locally-sourced wood, ensuring each product is not only a unique work of art but a true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle. By providing education and employment opportunities to local residents, they celebrate the traditions of Peten while creating a better future for its people.