Made Solid

Talavera Tile Coasters


Beautiful hand-painted traditional Talavera ceramic tiles from Puebla, Mexico. 

Set of 4

Pair this with a cocktail book, a beautiful stirring spoon, and an apron for the bartender in your life.

Color: Blue White

4” x 4”

Tanned Leather Back

Patterns on each tile connect to form larger pattern when placed together.

Made Solid is a collection of leather products designed and handmade in Los Angeles by Peter Maxwell and Mia. Their design is inspired by their history and surroundings. They honor uniqueness and celebrate the individuality of each piece they create.

About Their Process—All pieces are handmade in their Los Angeles studio. They employ traditional Western saddle making techniques, such as saddle stitching and wet molding. No sewing machines are used at any time. Stamp work is created with individual hand stamps, many of which are vintage. All color is applied by hand. Natural oils and waxes are hand applied as well. Edges are hand beveled and burnished. Each piece is truly handmade.

From their hands to yours.

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