The Janet Necklace


The Janet Shell Necklace is made using a stainless steel, gold-plated chain, and a black scallop shell found in South Florida.

Black Scallop Shell

Necklace length 16.5”

From Jessie (founder and maker): When I think back to how I got into jewelry, my mom's side of the family comes to mind. My aunt has a business, Drift With Anne, making home decor from driftwood and shells. Additionally, several of my cousins have their own small creative businesses.

Growing up, we spent two weeks every summer visiting the Johnston side of the family at Fripp Island, SC. "Shelling" was one of our favorite activities—so, when I started a shell jewelry line, no one was surprised. I launched Reshelled during the pandemic after a trip to Saint Barth. To thank our host, I made a pair of earrings out of shells that I found during the trip. After posting the earrings to my Instagram story and getting several messages from friends wanting to buy a pair, I eventually started a separate Instagram for Reshelled, then a website in January of 2021.

I wouldn't be where I am now without the support of other women; it's so important to support one another.