Detox Beauty Dry Brush


The ancient ritual. The simple practice of dry brushing is proven to boost beauty + wellness throughout the body. It's a perfect addition to any beauty gift.


Exfoliates & primes skin

Supports cell renewal & detoxification

Increased circulation

Lymphatic drainage

Pairs well with body butter, an eye mask, and cute socks.

To maintain a long life for your dry brush, never get it wet. To clean, tap on a hard surface to remove debris.

To sanitize, place your brush once a week in direct sunlight for at least 12 hours.

Continue to care for your brush this way, and your brush will last up to two years. Please note this is made from a natural plant. Discoloration will occur, and dark particles are from the natural seeds of the plant.

6" x 4" x 3”

Made in Sri Lanka.

Ethically harvested jute fiber

“From therapeutic natural bath and body treatments to nourishing foods, exercise, and spiritual practices, I am here to share with you the tools, support, and wisdom that have been so powerful in my own journey of self-care, healing, and wellness.

With hectic schedules and demands on time and energy, pursoma helps establish healthy, restorative routines that are key to a lifetime of good living.
I believe that keeping you well in the modern world of disconnectedness from nature, hyper-connectedness to technology, and outright neglect of true self-care means finding ways to aid you in making time and space to connect to yourself.”

Shannon Vaughn, Founder + CEO

They are a female-founded, female-invested, female-run business. 80% of their internal makeup is women and they are proud of that. They believe in supporting women to be more fully themselves, in giving them opportunities, in giving them space to heal, in making sure they know they see, hear, and understand them — in lifting them up and being there for them, always. They believe when women and girls are supported, the world is a better place.

They have a female founder, are focused on hiring local women + girls, provide maternity leave, and offer mental health support. They believe in human rights and the fair treatment of all people. They believe in respecting and honoring differences in gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and political views. When they say Pursoma is for everyone, they mean it.