Turkish T

Emma Breeze Turkish Towel


Made of 100% cotton, the Emma Breeze makes the perfect beach wrap. It is specially blended from fast-drying cotton, designed to be a multi-functional lightweight beach towel, sarong, scarf...you name it! A perfect gift!

79”w x 39”l

100% Turkish Aegean long staple cotton. 280gsm.

Machine wash cold . Tumble dry low.

Artisan Crafted Textile from Turkey

Oeko-Tex certified, so it’s free from harmful chemicals.

Fringe finishes two edges.

One Size

Sustainable, ethical, textiles made the old fashion way.

They are a group of designers working together to offer beautiful, unique, hand-crafted, products created by talented textile artisans from around the globe. They realized Agean cotton used in making natural textiles is some of the finest cotton in the world. They accept no substitutes and believe you should not either. They work hard with their many suppliers to ensure our products are 100% top grade. When you see the label Turkish-T you can be confident your product has been chosen for its superior quality and completely vetted in accordance with our high standards.

Sue Joyce was born an explorer and a creator. Having always dreamed of travel and adventure, she married a native Nashvillian, and together they traveled the world. Sue’s passion for design and aesthetics led her through small Moroccan marketplaces, beautiful cities in Greece, and extraordinary bazaars in Istanbul. It was in Istanbul that Sue discovered the hidden gem that was the Turkish towel. A self-proclaimed cotton connoisseur, Sue aimed to draw from the traditional, hand-loomed Turkish towels while creating her own unique designs and styles and introducing them to the American market.