Woven Worldwide

Harvest Basket


Handcrafted by Titan basket weaving artisans in Ghana, this harvest basket is brought to you by a woman-owned, small business in Toronto, Canada.

We fell in love with this basket (especially the handle design) when we saw it at the Shoppe Object High Point market last fall. And, we love that this simple, functional design is backed by more than four generations of ancestral craftsmanship.

We suggest gifting it with an adorable tea towel and honey + your favorite scone or biscuit recipe. Or, better yet, add some yummy treats from your local bakery. This basket looks equally amazing filled with fruit on a table or island.

Dimensions: 12 “w x 3 “ h

Made in Ghana

Woven Worldwide is a socially-conscious, home décor brand that specializes in high-quality, eco-credential, handcrafted baskets produced by intergenerational artisans in Ghana.

A message from the founder: I took a trip to Ghana and engaged with 5 women basket-weaving artisans. We were gathered as women under the limb of the baobab tree; we crafted, laughed, and didn’t let language barriers separate us. As we continued to bond, we weaved a symbolic exchange of knowledge and cultural practices, which planted a seed to create Woven Worldwide. The company name speaks of an ideology. A coming together of humanity. Today, our business model offers functional employment to basket weaving artisans - with 78% of our value chain comprising disenfranchised grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and daughters, fostering and guaranteeing food security, access to healthcare, and post-secondary education to their dependents. Each handwoven item is carefully crafted using elephant grass; a robust, tri-tone, renewable, tropical grass that grows in bamboo-like clusters; beside streams of living water and does not require fertilization for cultivation.