She Made



Keep on your bar or pull out for your morning juice. We love that it's so pretty + easy to use!

Shown with a breakfast cookbook and wooden breakfast set.

6”w X 6”l X 2”h
Handmade in Vancouver

At the heart of She Made is an inherent knowing that connection is the wellspring of joy. Each day, no matter how trivial it may seem, we are presented with opportunities to seek unity with the people, places, and things we are surrounded by. It was this pursuit of connection that lured Kayley Vandenberg, the “She” of She Made, to the potter’s wheel in 2018. In returning to this craft she first pursued as a child, she unearthed a deep inner harmony and a medium in which to express the beauty she sees in the world. 

She Made ceramics embody rustic elegance and timeless simplicity, paying homage to America’s expansive countrysides and the historic farmhouses built upon them. Each vessel is one of a kind with unique details that whisper the tale of how it was made: A subtle drip in the glaze, a small divot in the rim, variations in the size and shape of like-items… reminding us that imperfection is natural, comforting, worthy, and true.

In a modern world, the value of handmade items is lost on many — She Made is for those who find happiness in knowing the story of their belongings; for people who want their surroundings to inspire, foster peace, and encourage connection; for people seeking to transform life’s quietest moments into a song.