Original Pocket Pouch - Magnetic Wooden Block Set


The Pocket Pouch is the perfect introduction to the world of tegu magnetic wooden blocks. It's the right-sized toy for the purse, restaurant, airplane, or desk. Great for little and big hands alike.

Includes 8 blocks in 2 shapes: 4 cubes, 4 short planks.

Shown paired with our favorite children's book, muslin blanketslippers, and a peace onesie!

Color: Sunset

Ages 1+

Brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations.

Curiously attractive and perfect for those seeking toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play.

Naturally safe—no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts.

Made in Honduras

At Tegu, they believe that every child possesses the unhindered ability to build, create, and imagine. And children aren’t only creating towering block structures and backyard tree forts, they are building their futures.

Tegu has created a for-profit company based in Honduras that fosters a positive social impact through its business.

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