Print Block Ceramic Burner

$2 $20

This beautiful, textural, handmade ceramic burner is perfect for holding a single stick of incense or Palo Santo. Each dish is embossed with a signature print block design inspired by traditional wooden blocks used for printing textiles.


2 ½˝ h 1 ¼˝ w

Handmade by ceramic artist Ellen Hammen


Embossed design

Skeem Design draws inspiration from around the world to create thoughtful, useful, reimagined products that bring beauty and joy to any home, both inside and out. Their candles are made with an exclusive soy/vegetable base, their incense sticks are hand-dipped and their ceramic incense holders are crafted by local artisans. They work to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by using eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing + shipping from the same US location.