Adirondack Kitchen

Wide Wedged Walnut Board


A handmade cutting board from start to finish, this piece is perfect for serving bread, appetizers, or your best charcuterie creations.

Shown here with Graze, honey, and a spreader.

Dimensions: 17.75” x 9.875” x 0.9”
Overall Cutting Surface: 14” x 9.875”
Wood Type: Walnut: ⊰ juglans nigra ⊱ (eastern black walnut)
Finish: All products are hand rubbed with an all-natural, homemade beeswax and coconut oil polish for protection and glow. Finish is non-toxic, 100% food safe, with zero VOCs.

Adirondack Kitchen recommends always cutting on one side and serving/ displaying on the opposite side.

Adirondack Kitchen is built upon a long history of traditional home building and fine woodworking in upstate New York. They specialize in custom hardwood cutting boards for any occasion.