ETC goes corporate

Team ETC just tackled our first corporate gifting project and we are so proud with how it turned out. From organizing our process to brainstorming ideas and packaging to working with the client, it was all new, a bit overwhelming, and so much fun!

At first glance, the idea of corporate gifting generally goes against the grain of our company objectives of meaningful and beautiful gifting. Due to the scale of these types of projects, companies often turn to mass-produced items shipped en masse to clients. Or, gift boxes that offer an impersonal assortment of items. One goal with this project was to carry our company ethos into the corporate world creating a gift for the client that was thoughtful and intentional. Items that will be used and loved (and remembered!). We often say to ourselves and our clients, gifts that are mindfully chosen + meaningfully made make the best gifts.

Our first step was an initial conversation with our new client :). From this conversation we learned their objectives and the tone of the project. As well as it’s scope and scale. This client was interested in sending a thank you gift to her top clients. One that was sent after the new year for the adventures ahead in 2022.

We culled this info and went to work brainstorming (and then brainstorming some more) several concept designs and created a presentation related to five different themes. After we presented our concepts, we worked with the Marketing Director to finalize the gift and determine quantities.

Contract in hand, we went to work… ordering products, determining packaging, and designing (and writing) print materials to accompany the gift. As the products began to arrive to build the 65 gifts for our client, we got a little wide-eyed as things began to fill our already limited space. But, this was a good problem to have!

Next, came assembly. Our makeshift assembly line was impressive and efficient and it had our gifts packed and ready to ship in 48 hours. Some wine and pizza might have been involved. To quote Elle Woods, “We did it!” As gifts began to arrive at their respective addresses, we heard from our client who was so happy with the finished product and the response she was getting. 

It was one project for one client albeit many hours of hard work. Yet, the feeling of job accomplished (especially given it was our first one) was immeasurable. We created this company with the goal of building something meaningful and we are thankful for our clients who support the idea that when you support small businesses you create good for everyone.