let’s create meaningful corporate gifting

As we’ve said before at ETC, we believe meaningful gifting matters. Not only finding something that will be meaningful to those you gift, but also giving gifts that are meaningfully made. 

The world of corporate gifting is a perfect example of a place that’s ripe with opportunities for better gifting practices. More often than not, we see gifts given that are not meaningful in any way — whether it’s to those being gifted or the gifted items themselves. They feel like an obligatory offering or something that needs to be checked off at year’s end versus something truly heartfelt. Of course, as a gifting company we love sending gifts, but we firmly believe they should be given with intention.

We help our clients create personal, meaningful and, in turn, more effective gifts. We work to understand the scope of the project, its tone, and objectives and source products especially for their company. We’ve developed relationships with lots of vendors and often use products we might not sell on our site.

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