Rainforest Bowls

Teak Wood Salad Serving Bowl


Carved from a single piece of teak wood to a 12-inch wide bowl, it perfectly fits salads, pasta, and other entrées for sharing. Each bowl is unique,  varying in wood grain and rich golden hues. It’s finished with beeswax and natural food-grade oil, giving it a gorgeous natural polish that highlights the beauty of the teak wood.

Pair this with a great Salad Pizza Wine and pretty servers.

12” diameter

4” height

Made of sturdy Javanese teak wood, sustainably harvested from regulated plantations

Hand-carved by artisans in Central Java and Bali, Indonesia

Coated with beeswax and natural food-grade oil

Safe to use with food

Suitable for warm and cold meals

Easy to wash and clean

Rainforest Bowls strives to provide the best of what Mother Nature has to offer throughout our entire process—from sourcing and packaging to our Earth-focused mission. By partnering with multigenerational family businesses of master artisans all over the world, we offer timeless pieces curated for your home.