Hedley & Bennett

The Waxman Apron


In a lush dark blue as vivid as its watery namesake, The Atlantic Waxman apron is named for one of the world’s greatest seafood sources. Tough enough to handle life on any deep-sea fishing boat, the Waxman Apron’s heavy-duty waxed canvas and leather straps are built to handle the hustle.

Pair this with a cocktail book, coasters, and a beautiful stirring spoon for the bartender in your life.

Fabric: 100% cotton, soy wax-coated heavyweight

Weighs 12.5 oz.

**DO NOT WASH THIS APRON** Spot clean with cold, damp cloth. Re-apply canvas wax as needed.

Hedley & Bennett is on a mission to inspire and empower creativity and confidence in the kitchen. H&B started in a professional kitchen out of the need for something better; an apron developed hand in hand with insanely talented, obsessive chefs; relentlessly refined to be not just an apron, but the perfect companion to any cooking adventure — be it service for 200 or dinner for two.

From the founder — My name is Ellen Marie Bennett but most people call me “EB.” I’m half Mexican, half English, born and raised in LA by a fiery mom who calls me “mami” (it’s a Mexican thing), never met a color I didn’t like.

A passion for cooking led me to Mexico City when I was 18. After culinary school (and countless other crazy jobs), I came back to LA to cook professionally in some of the city’s best kitchens.

That’s where Hedley & Bennett was born.

The aprons I wore in restaurant kitchens couldn’t stand up to the pressure (literally, they fell apart), so I set out to make a better (no, the best) one: super functional, durable, pockets for days, in awesome colors and fabrics; something as beautiful and thoughtful as the food I loved to make.

To me an apron is a game-day jersey. When the loop goes over my head and I cinch the waist straps, I’m suited up and ready for action. My team is all the other amazing cooks out there—from the pros to those just starting at home—hustling on their own cooking adventures. 

Welcome to our #apronsquad. Now suit up and get cooking.