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The Backyard BBQ Bible


It’s time to fire-up the grill and cook some fire-licking good food.

The Backyard BBQ Bible is your guide to getting the best out of your barbecue – whether it’s a modest charcoal stand-alone or a gas-burning beast with all the bells and whistles.

Inside you’ll find more than 100 recipes designed for cooking in the great outdoors. We’ve covered the very best ingredients that taste even better when cooked over a grill – chicken, beef, lamb, pork, seafood, and veggies, as well as options for side dishes and even desserts.

So fire up and get cooking!

Make the gift complete with our bear paws and your favorite spices.


192 pages

8.5” x 10.5”

ISBN 978-1922417602

Oscar Smith is a Sydney-based food writer and photographer with a love of all things grilled.